Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Letter to Dani Pedrosa

This day in Mugello, you’ve finished fourth. Same position where you start the race. I know it’s a tough race. In the beginning, you did a great escape, but then stuck in eighth. And stay eighth in a couple of laps, until you find the pace and passing Crutchlow, Dovizioso, and Iannone. The last name didn’t give up easily and overtakes you again. Both of you change position again and again, until you managed to stay in P4. But at that time, the nearest rider in front of you already too far. I know you always pushing hard for the best, but fourth position is the best for you today.

I won’t ask you why.
I won’t stop believing you.
I won’t go.

You know you always have us besides you. In a happy moment, or a tough one. I have a simple reason for always cheering you, Dani. I love your smile! Seeing your big smile is a pleasant moment for me. And my big hopes for this season is.. keep up that smile, Dani!

With that smile, i know that you’re happy where you are.
With that smile, i know that you’ll stay positive no matter happen.
With that smile, i know that you’ll fighting even harder.
With that smile, i smile even wider.

This field is going tougher, but you are our Dani Pedrosa. You won’t give up, right? Still a long way to go, just keep your hopes and ours. Stay positive and bounce back stronger, Dani!

Remember, as you said, you have the best fans in the world.

So, keep fighting our best rider in the world!

Your big fan.

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