Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tree of Happiness

“Mom, what kind of tree is it?”

“Tree of happiness, my son”

“Why? I think it is lollipop tree”

“Do you like lollipop?”

“Yes mom, i want some. No, i want all of them”

“Go grab it then!”

“But it is so high..”

“You can jump”

“But i’m not that tall, mom..”

“So you can jump higher”

“But, i can’t even reach them..”

“You can get the stairs”

“Mom, you are right! But, why is so hard to get them?”

“Happiness is not easy to get, my son. You have to jump and then fall. You rise up and jump higher. And if you fall again, you have to find another way. Until you reach them, the sweetest and colorful things”

“Something that makes me happy?”

“Yes, like that lollipop”

“I understand mom. I want to jump and be happy!”

“Yes, absolutely you can do it”

“You are so cool, mom! I love you!”

“I love you even more, my son. You are my tree of happiness, the sweetest and colorful thing in my life.”


#10HariNgeblog #Day7

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