Thursday, March 26, 2015

Let’s Eat 2: Ready for Another Season of Foodgasm?

Haven't you get enough of this mouth watering menu from Let's Eat season 1?

Bibimbap never get wrong 
A big plate of Budae Jjigae! 
Spicy mackerel and hot rice? Heaven! 
Tofu bossam. It's just..  tofu, but why it looks so beautiful and yummy?  
Crab marinated in soy sauce? Why not?
Go to mat-jib restaurant, and you'll get this! Owh, my tummy..
Fresh seafood is so refreshing!
Fried chicken, cola, and good drama! Perfect!
Medium well!
A bowl of happiness
Pizza for sharing, anyone?
How about this looks so tasty spaghetti?
Or do you like this creamy one? Sure!
Perfect lasagna! 
Why this salad looks soooo good?
But the main problem is not the food, it's the way they eat! Oh my oh my, they always made me hungry. And they'll back this spring! Wohoo, i'm so excited eventough there's only Go Dae Young left. No more Lee Soo Kyung Unni, cute and smart Barassi, beautiful Jin Yi, grumpy Attorney Kim Hak Moon, or our very confident Attorney Oh Do Yeon.

I'm a little bit sad to be honest, but if it's for some refreshness, why not?

So we get all new neighbors for Dae Young. his old friend Baek Soo Ji (Seo Hyun Jin), adorable Lee Sang Woo (Kwon Yul), and many more. New place, new people, new stories. And of course, another craziness of food!

Let's Eat season 2 will be back April 6th, in Monday - Tuesday slot previously occupied by "Ho Goo's Love" on tvN.

I'm in for another season of foodgasm! How about you?

We'll meet again very soon, Shiksha-nim!
Dae Young and his new rival on food
When you're on a diet, just forget this drama! :D

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